10 Reasons To Consider New Zealand For Your Study Abroad

Jul 10, 2019

Often overshadowed by Australia, its neighbor, New Zealand can no less competent as a popular destination for international students. There are some undeniable perks of studying in this exotic land. From the opportunity to study amidst stunning landscapes, to enjoying the hospitality of the locals, a few years spent to Study in NZ can endow you with an experience of a lifetime. And you can enjoy ample job opportunity, as well. Here are a few more reasons to make your move to study abroad New Zealand.

Study in World-Leading Universities

Perhaps, while choosing your next venue for studying abroad, the most important factor to determine is the quality of education. While continuing study abroad New Zealand, you can also look for the educational programs that would be beneficial for your career. New Zealand boasts of 8 leading universities and an impressive mix of small and large schools. The universities include the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, University of Canterbury, and the University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, University of Waikato and Lincoln University. Amazingly enough, every university boasts of ranking in the first 3% by QS World University Rankings. Also, there are various 3rd party programs that might fit your career needs. This gives you a great reason to study abroad New Zealand.

Friendly Locals

No one would deny the fact of how the residents treat foreigners plays a vital role in the general weight of studying experience. New Zealand enjoys significantly less criminal records. And the country allows you to mix with some of the friendliest locals that live across the length and breadth of the globe. Along with that, the excellent health facility makes Study in NZ worth a try. Students who have been studied in New Zealand affirm that the local people have been extremely warm and welcoming, and have never misguided those who need some help. Overall, they enjoyed an absolutely a home away from home feel. Moreover, when you Study in NZ, there is a lesser chance of developing culture shock. After all, it is an English- conversing country with smiling, friendly faces.

A Great Place for Plant and Animal Science Studies

It is a geographically, isolated country. Plus, a major chunk of its terrain has been converted to national parks. So, if you Study Abroad NewZealand and have an interest in the different aspects of the environment, then New Zealand is a paradise. Enjoy nature’s pristine splendor; there are ample scopes for field researches in biology.

Intern and Explore

Even if you have a limited fund, you need not worry about study abroad New Zealand. Most of the premier NZ colleges and universities give a great chance to work. Several students are offered internships just before the holiday season starts. As a result, you gather sufficient fund to enjoy the holidays and even get working experiences. As a part of the internship, you also get a chance to take part in the north and the south island expeditions. Some of the most prestigious NZ Universities offer tons of programs for students interested in communications, media, creative writing, biology, engineering, visual arts, agriculture, biology, and the like. This makes Study Abroad NewZealand worth a while.

Endless Outdoor Activities

Besides study in NZ, if you love adventures, then New Zealand is a paradise for you. You will fall in love with the country if you love rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, diving, kayaking, and similar outdoor activities. So apart from study abroad, New Zealand, you enjoy a plethora of recreational activities. That being said, there is ample opportunity to pursue extra-curricular activities.

Studying Can Be (Almost) Free

Don’t you feel that it is a great idea to study abroad New Zealand if you can study almost for free? Certain universities occasionally run scholarship programs. They help students to continue higher studies for minimal expenses. Some universities offer special assistance to research scholars who Study Abroad NewZealand. Often, they offer Ph.D. programs as advertised projects that already have funding attached to them. Also, there are schemes of international scholarships for students who need some extra financial help or propose their own Ph.D. You can search for them in different university websites. Moreover, the funding database that the New Zealand education service offers can offer important information.

Judicious Entry Requirements

Countries like Australia, the USA, and the UK are known to demand the highest entry score. It is done through different standardized exams like TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, GRE, and SAT, among others. For example, in the USA, the premier business schools like the Harvard Business School, the University of Chicago, or Stanford would ask for a score no less than 740. While those wish to Study in NZ can get admission to the top universities with relatively less score. For example, the University of Otago invites application from those securing a decent GMAT score. This makes for another obvious reason to Study in NZ.

Better Research Facility

Wish to Study Abroad New Zealand with research centric subjects like pharmacy and biology? Then you are likely to get ample support from the universities, both in the term of resources and infrastructure. Quite similar to the colleges in Britain, Canada, and America, you can enjoy sufficient resources with various equipment, sophisticated technologies, and infrastructures favorable for in-depth research. Also, the advantageous climatic conditions, flora, and fauna, as well as habitat make for some great reasons to study abroad New Zealand.

Lucrative Career Opportunities

With a population of 1.45 million, Auckland, the capital of New Zealand is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With rapid urbanization, the country is slowly, yet steadily becoming an economic and financial powerhouse in the world. No wonder that the country now needs better-skilled people than ever. Hence, those who study in NZ now can see promising job opportunities in various sectors. Again, those who study in NZ tend to have a clear advantage while applying for jobs in the UK.

Cost Of Living

In New Zealand, the cost of living relatively low than other overseas study destinations. When you study abroad New Zealand, especially as a research scholar, you can earn some money as well, provided your visa permits that.

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