Jul 12, 2019

Agriculture Courses in New Zealand

Agriculture is one of New Zealand's largest and most productive industries, making it a very diverse field of study with many courses on offer. Whether you want to work with livestock or manage a world-class vineyard, there is likely to be a study option to suit you. For more information about studying agriculture in New Zealand, visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website. If you are considering studying agriculture, you may also find courses of interest in health and science.

What you can study

Agriculture can be studied at vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate level. Many of the practical courses are offered in the vocational sector, while higher education offerings tend to focus on more specialised areas as well as agricultural business. Courses are available in in general fields such as agriculture, horticulture, farming skills and natural resources, but there are also some interesting options such as arboriculture (the care and maintenance of trees), apiculture (beekeeping), viticulture (wine science) and wool harvesting. Programmes in business, commerce and science may also have relevant specialisations — agribusiness, for example, is a popular choice for students with aspirations to work in the business side of the agricultural industry.

Where to study

Because agriculture is such a big industry in New Zealand, students will find relevant courses across the country. The course and institution you choose may be influenced by a specific specialisation you are interested in, as well as the part of New Zealand in which you want to study. You may be attracted to the rolling green hills and beaches of the North Island, or the snowy mountains of the South Island. Specialisations and expertise may also vary between education providers, as will access to technologies, equipment and facilities for your discipline.

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