Jul 12, 2019

Architecture Courses in New Zealand

If you are creative, practical and have an eye for detail, architecture may be the area of study for you. The architecture field offers a broad range of study options, from vocational courses leading to careers in areas such as architectural drafting and architectural technology to higher education degrees that allow graduates to practise as professional architects.

For more information about studying architecture in New Zealand, visit the New Zealand Institute of Architects website.

If you’re interested in architecture, you may also consider courses in computer science and IT, creative arts and design, and engineering.

What you can study

At undergraduate level, students can complete a bachelor degree in architectural studies. This course is available at a number of universities in New Zealand, allowing students to take the first step towards professional practice. To become an architect in New Zealand, you must then complete a master of architecture (professional). This is a part coursework (taught) and part research degree. Once this qualification is completed, graduates must complete a minimum of 140 weeks of work experience before they can apply to become a registered architect.

Other postgraduate degrees are available in areas such as interior architecture, landscape architecture and architecture theory and history. Research degrees are also an option.

Where to study

Architecture and related programmes are available across New Zealand. This is a field where it is important to research institutions carefully, particularly when it comes to the facilities, equipment and staff expertise.

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