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New Zealanders are passionate about sport, especially rugby, so it should come as no surprise that courses in sport, leisure and recreation are widely available across the country.

For more information about studying sport, leisure and recreation in New Zealand, see the Sport New Zealand website.

If you're interested in studying sport, leisure and recreation, you may also consider courses in science or tourism and hospitality.

What you can study

There are a variety of specialisations available in this field, from business courses in sports management to the more science-based programmes in sport and exercise science. There are also courses in fitness, personal training, sports coaching, and outdoor education and recreation.

Courses in areas such as outdoor education, personal training and fitness are widely available at certificate and diploma level. At university level, specialisations in sports, leisure and recreation are often found within business degrees, with majors in sports management or coaching, or science degrees, with a focus on sports and exercise science. That said, it is possible to study a bachelor of sport and recreation at many institutions. Opportunities for research exist at postgraduate level, as do possibilities for further study in areas such as sports management and sport science.

There may also be some specialisations of interest in health science, such as physiotherapy or nutrition. If your interests are at the business or science end of the scale then you may also find specialisations of interest in these fields.

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