Education & Training Courses in New Zealand

If you enjoy working with people and want to ‘make a difference’, an education and training course might be your next step. Teaching is a very rewarding occupation and a popular study choice for students in New Zealand.

For more information about studying education and training in New Zealand, visit the following websites:

  • New Zealand Ministry of Education
  • New Zealand Teachers Council
  • Teach NZ
If you are interested in education and training, you may also consider courses in humanities and social sciences and social and community services. Depending on your skills and career goals, programmes in communications, mathematics and science may also be suitable.

What you can study

Education and training programmes are available at all qualification levels, from vocational certificates right through to postgraduate research degrees.

At vocational level, options range from adult education, early childhood education and education support to language teaching, professional teaching practice, teacher aiding and tertiary teaching. There are also some highly specialised programmes such as environmental and outdoor leadership and e-learning design and facilitation.

To become a teacher in New Zealand, you must complete an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programme — generally at bachelor degree level — and register with the New Zealand Teachers Council. Teaching courses have strict English language proficiency requirements — be sure to check entry requirements before applying for programmes.

Bachelor degrees are available in education and teaching. Specialisations range from adult education to early childhood, primary, secondary and physical education teaching. Double degrees are an option, providing an opportunity to qualify for teaching while also pursuing another interest (for example, a bachelor of arts combined with a bachelor of teaching). Graduate certificates and diplomas are also available, allowing students to explore specialisations such as special education, educational management, language teaching to adults, and sustainability and outdoor education. A graduate diploma can also qualify students to teach if they hold a bachelor degree in a field relevant to the school curriculum.

At postgraduate level, postgraduate certificates, postgraduate diplomas and masters degrees allow students to explore some of the above listed fields, while also providing opportunities for interesting programmes in education leadership. It is also possible for students to pursue research through a doctor of education or a doctor of philosophy (PhD).

Where to study

Education and training programmes are offered at polytechnics, universities and private colleges across New Zealand. Research courses carefully to make sure they provide work experience and good-quality facilities, which, depending on your particular specialisation, may include anything from simulated classrooms and early childhood centres to specialist libraries.

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