Engineering Courses in New Zealand

Engineering is a broad occupation suited to students with interests in areas such as built environment, materials, mechanics, electronics and telecommunications, as well as those who enjoy solving technical problems and designing solutions. The large number of specialisations and career outcomes makes these programmes a great choice for domestic and international students alike.

For more information about studying engineering and associated fields in New Zealand, visit the following websites:

  • Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ)
  • Competenz
If you are interested in studying engineering, you may also consider courses in architecture, building and construction, computer science and IT, mathematics and science.

What you can study

At vocational level, certificates and diplomas are available in engineering (with specialisations such as audio, civil, electrical, marine, mechanical and nautical engineering) and associated fields such as aircraft servicing, aviation, extractive industries, food processing and surveying. These programmes do not lead to professional registration as an engineer, but can provide a useful pathway into further study.

To become an engineering technician, you must complete an accredited two-year diploma of engineering. Available specialisations include civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. To become an engineering technologist, you must complete a three-year accredited bachelor of engineering technology.

Professional engineers must complete a four-year bachelor degree in engineering. There are many specialisations within these programmes, so your choice will be influenced by your specific field of interest — aeronautical, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical and mining engineering are just some of the options. Professional engineers in New Zealand also have the opportunity to become Chartered Professional Engineers, which involves completing an assessment and paying an annual registration fee.

Postgraduate programmes allow students to further their knowledge in a specialised field, such as aviation, energy or engineering management, while also providing the opportunity to build on the skills gained in undergraduate study in order to progress to higher-level postgraduate study. Postgraduate research is a popular option, with doctor of philosophy (PhD) and doctor of engineering programmes allowing students to conduct research in their chosen specialty.

Where to study

Engineering and related fields are widely available in New Zealand, with study options around the country. You can study at universities, polytechnics, institutes of technology and some private colleges and industry organisations. Courses that provide professional registration as an engineer are available at most universities and a small number of polytechnics. See the IPENZ website for details.

The quality and availability of facilities and equipment are particularly important in this field, so you should make sure that education providers you consider are able to meet your needs. If you are considering postgraduate research, it helps to choose a university that has an established research output in your particular discipline.

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