Guide To Choosing The Best University In NZ Based On Your Inclination

Jul 09, 2019

If figures are anything to go by, there is no denying the fact that New Zealand has emerged as one of the top-destinations for advancing study goals in recent years. You would hardly find a student across the globe who would let go of the opportunity of living and studying in New Zealand. This speaks volumes for the study abroad NewZealand prospect which brings some exciting career opportunities for international students. Are you considering the idea of doing it as well? If yes, then this decision can prove to be the game changer for your career prospects. However, you need to make certain that you are choosing the right course and institution for the purpose. Running out of ideas regarding how you should go about it? No worries! Read on to find out what you should do to get fruitful outcomes from your decision to fly down to New Zealand on a student visa.

Study options for Students in New Zealand

As far as the study options with regard to study abroad NewZealand are concerned, a wide range of courses is available for students across various disciplines. These include polytechnic courses, vocational courses, degree courses, and diploma courses. For students, two academic intakes are available in the institutes in New Zealand. One of them is in the month of January, whereas the other one is in July. However, there are also some institutes that offer more alternatives in this connection. For instance, some institutes also allow students the freedom of choice to choose their intakes between September and November. With a little planning, you can make the most out of your selection of a university from your plan to study abroad NewZealand. Interestingly, all eight universities in the nation are amongst the top universities around the world. They make for the top 3% of the most competitive universities across the globe. Apart from a tertiary educational system, they also offer support services for students from other countries. These two factors make it the right decision to study in one of these universities.

Best universities to study in New Zealand

Wondering which university in New Zealand would fit into your scheme of things? Though it is a hard job to make a choice from the eight top-class institutions in this leading destination for study, here is a narrowed-down list of the top five universities to further or advance your academic goals.

University of Otago

Located in Dunedin, one of the coldest parts in New Zealand, University of Otago has progressed into one of the topmost preferred universities in New Zealand among foreign students. As a part of their study abroad NewZealand, students from other countries apply for their admission for degree courses in Business, Science, Humanities, and Health Sciences.

University of Auckland

Auckland is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand which is enriched with natural beauty across its length and breadth. Aspirants for postgraduate degrees can apply for admission in this university for courses in Heritage Conservation, Indigenous Studies, Public Policy, and Arts.

University of Canterbury

Founded in 1873, the University of Canterbury provides inspirational teaching as well as excellent research opportunities to students. The facilities in this regard can be comparable to global standards. It is located at the convenient location of Christchurch which is known as the second largest city in New Zealand. Currently, the university offers undergraduate courses in disciplines such as Health Sciences, Engineering, Communication, and Arts.

Victoria University of Wellington

Wellington being the capital city of New Zealand brings out the cultural and societal aspects of the multicultural nation in the best possible manner. And the same applies to Victoria University of Wellington is not an exception to this rule. With all amenities available in the city of Wellington, you will never feel bored being a part of this university. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for various subjects. These include Pacific Studies, Maori Studies, Psychology, Design, Business Analysis, Chinese and Accounting. You will need good academic records as well as excellent communication skills in English to be eligible to get admission in this university.

Auckland University of Technology

Founded in 1895, Auckland University of Technology has come a long way to grow as the leading institution for tech courses for international students. Though it is basically meant for STEM students, it also offers courses in other disciplines such as Maori studies, public property, hospitality, and tourism management and liberal arts. So, these are some of the leading options pertaining to study abroad NewZealand. Evaluate your options by analyzing the pros and cons of these institutions based on your inclination to make an informed decision.

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