How Can International Students Make the Most Of Scholarships Offered By Universities in New Zealand

Sep 18, 2020

With one of the highest student visa application requests every year, New Zealand is one of the top destinations for education among international students. Other than its cold climate and stunning landscapes, the popular UK model of academic education makes the island nation a favorable destination for higher studies. Besides, its universities also offer a wide range of scholarships for different branches of studies. This feature also encourages international students to file their visa applications. Wondering how you can make the most of your New Zealand student visa and scholarships in one of the universities in New Zealand? Read on to find out more about it.
What do the scholarships in New Zealand offer to international students?
Before you proceed with your effort to get an answer to this question, you have to consider the kind of scholarship you have. Furthermore, the scholarships are scattered across different levels and are valid for the students belonging to either a particular nationality or all nationalities.  As far as the availability of scholarships for international students in New Zealand is concerned, it is available for students at the following levels:

  • The undergraduate level
  • The graduate-level
  • The postgraduate level
When you consider accommodation and the cost of living in New Zealand, it is on par with the other leading destinations for studies such as the United States and Europe. Among other things, these scholarships play an essential role in minimizing the financial burden on students. That is today, scholarships by the universities in New Zealand offer financial support due to which they can primarily focus on their studies without worrying about their finances. Other than monthly allowance and tuition fees, the scholarship also covers other expenses such as allowance for study material, travel expenses, and medical insurance.  
What to remember while applying for a scholarship:
Scholarships offered by the universities in New Zealand are not negotiable, meaning that they consist of mandatory requirements. It stands imperative for you to ensure that you meet all the criteria before applying for it. You need to remember the following:
  •   1. Apply for more than one kind of scholarship at once: If you wish to apply for multiple scholarships, you would be better off applying for them at once. When you do it, make sure you use one form for each application. Remember that it is important to use the right kind of form for your scholarship application(s).
  •   2. Try applying for your scholarship as early as possible: Given the competition for students for scholarships by the universities in New Zealand, it is important that you start your scholarship application as early as possible. It will keep you a step ahead in terms of your needs for documentation.
  •   3. Furnish the necessary information: It is important that you furnish the requisite information in order to facilitate the processing of your scholarship application. Failing to follow this step may lead to the disqualification of your application for student scholarships in New Zealand.
  •   4. Check if you have missed any important document before the submission of your application: Given the long list of certified copies and documents that you need to submit to apply for your scholarship application, it is crucial that you review the copies of all your documents to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the mandatory documents.
The elaborate list of the aforementioned requirements may make you feel confused at times. Your best bet in such a situation is to get in touch with a tried and trusted education and immigration consultant.  
Final thoughts
Scholarships from all the recognized universities in the island nation make studying in it more meaningful for international students. If you are thinking about applying for it, you have made the right decision. Ensure you follow the rules and use the right kind of application form to maximize the possibility of getting a scholarship.

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