Licensed Immigration Advice

If you need immigration advice, licensed advisers have specialist expertise. They have met competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.

  • The CODE OF CONDUCT requires advisors to
    • Be honest, professional and respectful.
    • Provide you with ongoing timely updates.
    • Charge fees that are fair and reasonable.
  • We as Licensed Advisors can help you
    • Explore all your visa options and choose the right visa.
    • Prepare your visa application.
    • Settle in New Zealand.
    • Assess whether you can appeal a declined visa.
    • Assess your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully.
  • Risks of using a person who is not licensed or exempt

      The risks of using a person who is not licensed or exempt are

    • Your visa application will be returned by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). INZ does not accept applications from unlicensed people acting illegally.
    • Unlicensed people may not be honest with you or INZ. Lying on your visa application is a criminal offence and dishonesty may affect your future visas or jobs.
    • Your application may be declined because the unlicensed person has no immigration knowledge or skills.

      Stay away from anyone who

    • Refuses to put their name on your visa application.
    • Claims to have personal contacts at INZ.
    • Asks you to sign a visa application before it has been filled out. You should never sign a document you don’t understand.

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