Mathematics Courses in New Zealand

Mathematics can be applied in many ways and can lead graduates down various career paths — everything from managing finances and analysing data to understanding the natural environment and developing computer software. It also provides essential skills in problem-solving and clear thinking.

For more information about studying mathematics in New Zealand, visit the New Zealand Mathematical Society website.

If you are interested in studying mathematics, you may also consider courses in business and management, computer science and IT, science and engineering.

What you can study

Vocational programmes in this field are limited and are usually designed for students wishing to pursue further study at diploma or degree level. These courses provide a useful bridging option if you are looking to pursue an area of study that requires high-level mathematics. Within mathematics programmes, there is the opportunity to study applied mathematics (including probability, differential equations and vector calculus), pure mathematics (including differential and integral calculus, number theory and geometry) and statistics.

Combining a mathematics course with studies in computer science and IT, engineering or science through the completion of a double degree is a popular option for many students and may be beneficial when it comes time to find a job. You may also combine mathematics study with an education and training programme if you would like to qualify to work as a teacher in a primary or secondary school.

At postgraduate level, many mathematics students choose to pursue research in the field.

Where to study

Mathematics courses are mostly available at universities; however, you may find related courses at institutes of technology or polytechnics. If you’re considering a research degree, look for institutions with a good reputation for research in your area of interest.

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