Sciences Courses in New Zealand

Whether you’re interested in studying in the traditional scientific fields or exploring New Zealand’s unique natural environment, there is course to suit all scientific interests in New Zealand.

For more information about studying science in New Zealand, visit the following websites:

  • New Zealand Association of Scientists
  • Science New Zealand
If you are interested in studying science, you may also consider courses in computer science and IT, engineering and mathematics.

What you can study

Science courses in New Zealand cover a wide range of study areas. Programmes at vocational certificate and diploma level often fall under laboratory skills or applied science and provide students with the practical skills needed for positions such as a laboratory technician. These courses may also offer a pathway to further study at undergraduate level by providing students with a basic grounding in scientific knowledge and principles.

At undergraduate level, students can choose from a wide variety of subject areas. Along with the traditional disciplines of chemistry, physics and biology, courses are also on offer in areas such as biomedical science, conservation, marine studies, food technology, geology and meteorology. Programmes are usually offered as a general applied science or science degree, but there is much room for specialisation when it comes to choosing subjects.

Students considering postgraduate programmes can study science through a postgraduate certificate or diploma, or a masters degree by coursework. This is also a field that has a heavy focus on research, with a large number of research students and dedicated research centres at just about every university across the country.

Where to study

Science courses are offered across many institutions in New Zealand, including institutes of technology, polytechnics and universities. This is field where the facilities on offer at each institution, as well as its surrounding natural environment, can be an important factor in deciding where to study, so it’s important to do your research to make sure institutions of interest will meet your needs.

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