What Makes New Zealand ‘The Most Desirable Country’ For Overseas Education

Sep 29, 2020

Whenever you think of New Zealand, you feel like it is different from other nations around the world. The next thing you do is associate attributes such as cold weather, stunning landscapes, a friendly atmosphere, and calmness with it. But did you know that this island nation in Australia is also popular across the globe for its education system?  Yes, you’ve read it right. Every consecutive year, thousands of students from different nations apply for a New Zealand student visa to study in one of the universities in New Zealand. Wondering why it is so? There’s not just one but several reasons for it. This post will cover them in detail to help you find out why the decision to study in NZ the best one for international students.
Reasons that make New Zealand one of the best study destinations on the planet

  1. Its education system
If you have done your homework about education in New Zealand, you’d know that it attracts the attention of numerous students, especially those who wish to advance both their academic and professional careers. They choose the island nation for a strong reason, though. Its education system resembles that of the United Kingdom (UK). As a result, students who earn a degree in any course program from one of its universities are in high demand among multinational companies at the global level.  In layman’s terms, it translates into brighter job prospects for students after the successful completion of their degree course.  
  1. Global recognition of qualification
New Zealand has eight universities, and all of them rank high on global education rankings. As much as they rank high on QS World Rankings, they are equally impressive as per Times Higher Education Rankings. Due to this reason, study in NZ gives international students a competitive edge for job prospects.  
  1. Excellent scope for research
When it comes to the scope for research, possibilities are endless in the island nation. Great opportunities aside, it also provides students with access to modern technology and well-equipped laboratories. Also, the faculty members in the universities are at the same level of experience and expertise for imparting education.  Together, these factors add up to a resultant that creates an excellent scope for research opportunities. New Zealand maintains a high standard of innovation in its education system. This approach has contributed to its technological advancement in fields such as agriculture, architecture, computer science, astronomy, engineering, geology, physics, and healthcare. The island nation offers more privileges to its international students than any other nation across the globe. International students who pursue their Ph.D. degree courses get the privilege to continue their education by paying the same fee as their counterparts from the local population.  Moreover, they can take up full-time employment while continuing their study. This feature is not available to students who apply for other degree programs.  
  1. Peaceful and friendly atmosphere
Kiwis are counted among one of the friendliest and tolerant people on the planet. They embrace international students in a way that the latter doesn’t feel isolated.  Besides, it also has the least crime rate in the world due to which community of international students feel safe and secure in NZ. Its top position on the Global Peace Index speaks volumes for its tolerance and stability.  
  1. Quality of life
There’s a good reason why most people believe that living in New Zealand is akin to being in harmony with nature and a multi-cultural atmosphere. Here, you not only get to explore the stunning and diverse landscapes but also the true flavor of an outdoorsy lifestyle and a diverse culture.  
Final thoughts
Regardless of the course program, you choose, studying in New Zealand is an enriching experience that not only shapes up your academic career but also gives you the requisite exposure to a truly global and multicultural atmosphere. The sum-total of these factors steer you past all the challenges to land you a good job after the completion of your course program. Thus, for international students, studying in New Zealand is an informed career decision for an international student. If you have been planning for it, go ahead with it for the aforementioned reasons.

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