Why Studying In NZ Has Become The New Rage

Jul 04, 2019

In recent years, New Zealand has emerged as a popular destination for advancing study goals. One can attribute many reasons for this trend. A lot lies beyond the beautiful landscapes of the nation in the Australian continent. An academic degree as a result of studying abroad in New Zealand can open new avenues for one’s career goals. From numerous opportunities for research to unparalleled quality of life, New Zealand has all qualities that foreign students look for in their new destination for studies. New Zealand has various educational institutions that are accredited by global bodies. A degree from one of these institutions is in high demand worldwide. It can give one a competitive edge right at the start of one’s professional career. Here are some of the leading reasons behind the emergence of New Zealand as one of the top destinations for studies on the world map.

Globally recognised qualifications

When it comes to studying in a foreign country, studying abroad in New Zealand takes preference among students simply due to the presence of numerous globally accredited educational institutions. Eight universities located in this nation are recognized by international bodies. A degree from one of these institutions is in high demand among companies. As a result, most students believe earning a degree from a recognized institution in New Zealand can open up the prospects of their professional career.

Research-based teaching

The manner of teaching is slightly different in the case of New Zealand in comparison to other countries. Unlike other countries, wherein the emphasis is on theoretical education, the study programs in New Zealand are centered around research-based teaching. The pedagogy of different courses in the educational institutions is designed in a way that it encourages a student to think critically and independently. Also, it provides for interaction between teachers and students. Owing to this teaching approach, students are likely to develop new approaches towards solving a problem. The education system not only helps one in developing the skill of being able to work individually but also in conjunction with a team. These are some of the skills that businesses look for in professionals.

Excellent opportunities for research and innovation

New Zealand has adequate opportunities for research with well-equipped laboratories. Besides, it also boasts the availability of faculty members who have years of experience in teaching students. Those who study in these institutions get access to the latest technology and equipment. As a result, New Zealand has been able to emerge as a hub of innovation.

Wider scope for PhD students

PhD students have excellent scope in New Zealand. Studying abroad in New Zealand makes them eligible to continue their research-based study by paying the same fees as local students. Also, they get to do a full-time job which helps them in managing their finances in a better way during their stay in the country.

Safety and peace

New Zealand’s second rank on the Global Peace Index, according to the data collected in 2018 speaks volumes for the stability of its democracy. The best part about Kiwi democracy is that it provides the same rights to international students as the local residents in this connection. One of the biggest reasons for studying abroad in New Zealand is its least crime rate. The majority of students who head towards New Zealand for studies feel safer in New Zealand than in other countries.

Good quality of life

Surprisingly, New Zealand has a better quality of life than other top destinations for studies around the world. Its geography is replete with a wide range of landscapes, ranging from steaming volcanoes to snowcapped mountains, it has an outdoorsy lifestyle wherein multi-cultural groups live in harmony. It goes without saying that spending quality time in the country as a visitor from another nation allows an individual to learn from and mingle with the pluralistic and harmonious culture in New Zealand. For international students, this is the very essence of studying abroad in New Zealand.


The decision to study abroad in New Zealand is one of the most important decisions for students. It has several benefits for students. Getting an opportunity to study in this country is a dream come true moment for most students. If you have dreamt about it, reach out to a consultant. Also, start making your preparations from now on so that you are able to apply for a student visa and begin your journey.

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