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Work Visa

New Zealand has 20+ work visa categories specifically designed for migrants who are willing to work here and contribute to the economic growth of the country. Each of them require a certain set of skills, qualifications and other requirements that allow working professionals to stay in New Zealand from 3 months to 2 years and above.

The basic criteria for most of these work visas in New Zealand are:
• To hold a firm job offer pre-cleared by Immigration NZ, including the pay rate.
• To prove you are suitably qualified and experienced to undertake the job you have been offered.
• To be of good health and character.

Types of work visas in New Zealand that allow to work are:

An Accredited Employer Work Visa is a temporary work visa in New Zealand that allows a migrant to work in New Zealand up to 3 years with a job offer from an accredited employer. It is designed to ensure New Zealanders are first in line for jobs and makes it easier for employers to hire skilled migrants where genuine skill or labour shortages exist.

Applicants must have a full-time job offer from an accredited New Zealand employer:
• who has been unable to fill that position with a local worker and provide evidence for the same
• has completed a thorough job check, making sure the candidate is meeting all the requirements set by Immigration New Zealand.
• that needs to demonstrate that the pay is equal or above the median wage.

The benefits of an Accredited Employer Work Visa:
• Work in New Zealand for an accredited employer who has offered you at least 30 hours work a week.
• Study for up to 3 months in any 12 month period, or do any study required as part of your employment.
• You may be able to support a work visa for your partner and visitor or student visas for your dependent children.*
• You can become eligible to apply for a Straight to Residence Visa or a Work to Residence Visa or Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa.

How can our LIAs help you?
The AEWV category has a high proportion of rejected applications because candidates do not completely comprehend the paperwork or are unable to demonstrate their capacity to do the job.

If you want to apply for an AEWV to work in New Zealand, you should get legal guidance from a Licensed Immigration Adviser who will provide correct advice throughout the application process. Our LIAs can analyse your application and support you on what documentation you should give in order to increase your chances of acquiring a AEWV visa.

Students finishing up their studies in any of the universities or institutions of New Zealand can apply for a post-study work visa that allows them to stay and work in New Zealand.

How long can someone stay in New Zealand on a post-study work visa?
New Zealand post-study work visa is generally valid upto 3 years but this completely depends upon your course and the length of your study. There are two types of visa categories in this:

• For Masters/Doctoral students
If you completed a master’s or doctoral level qualification in New Zealand, and studied here for at least 30 weeks you can work in New Zealand for 3 years. You will be granted an open work visa and can work for any employer if you have a degree of level 7 or above qualification. You can also opt to do consecutive courses to increase the length of your stay.

• For Bachelors/Diploma Students
If you have completed a qualification at level 8 or below, your work visa will be for the same length of time as your study. The immigration will determine this by using your offer letter from your university/college to work this out. For instance, if your offer of place indicates a study period of 32 weeks, your visa will correspondingly span 32 weeks. It's essential to note that, for qualifications below degree level 7, you can work in any of the field relating to your study. Furthermore, your qualification should feature on the Qualifications Eligible for a Post-Study Work Visa list.

Benefits and how to apply for post-study work visa in New Zealand:
New Zealand has abundant career opportunities for international students from all over the world. The benefits of studying and working in New Zealand are amazing work-life balance, easy chances for PR, high-paying job opportunities and much more. Studying for qualifications in an occupation that has skill shortages or green list courses may increase your chances of getting a job.

To apply for a post-study work visa in New Zealand it is necessary to meet all the requirements set by Immigration New Zealand and understand the career pathways linked to your course. You will become eligible for your post-study work visa once you’ve completed your qualification in New Zealand.

Talk to our New Zealand education specialists to better understand the eligibility criteria and to solve any obstacles in your way to study in New Zealand. Our experts possess the expertise and experience to guide you through the entire admission and visa process.

Discover the world of opportunities that await you in New Zealand!

The skilled migrant category pathway in New Zealand offers a highly sought-after visa route enabling individuals to establish their lives there, including work, study, and indefinite residency. In addition, this category allows the inclusion of partners and dependent children under 24. Let's explore the three skill-based pathways and recent updates in the immigration landscape of New Zealand.

Skill-based Pathways:
There are three main pathways for individuals to obtain New Zealand resident status based on their skills and meeting specific eligibility criteria:
1. Skilled Migrant Resident Pathway
Under this pathway, individuals can apply for residence if they have an acceptable job or job offer in New Zealand and acquire at least 6 points. These points can be earned through qualifications, job offers, or having work experience in the country.
2. Green List Pathway
The Green List pathway allows individuals with specific skills listed on the Long-Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) to apply for residency without a job offer. This pathway addresses skill shortages in New Zealand's labor market.
3. Care Workforce and Transport Sector Agreement Pathways
These pathways are designed for individuals working in specific sectors, namely the aged care, disability support, and transport sectors. They provide opportunities for temporary work visas, leading to residency under specific agreements with the New Zealand government.

Updates and Eligibility:
Starting in October 2023, a new skilled migrant category with revised eligibility criteria will be implemented. Here is an overview of the points system for eligibility:
• 6 Points: Individuals can earn 6 points if they have New Zealand registration in a specified occupation that requires at least six years of training, hold a Ph.D. or doctorate, or have a job or job offer in New Zealand that pays at least three times the median wage.
• 5 Points: Those with New Zealand registration in a specified occupation requiring at least five years of training or a Master's degree can earn 5 points. An additional point can be obtained for a year's skilled work experience in New Zealand.
• 4 Points: Individuals with New Zealand registration in a specified occupation requiring at least four years of training, an honours Degree or Post-graduate Diploma, or a job or job offer in New Zealand that pays at least twice the median wage can earn 4 points. An additional 2 points can be gained for two years of skilled work experience in New Zealand.
• 3 Points: Those with New Zealand registration in a specified occupation requiring at least two years of training, a Bachelor's Degree or Post-graduate Certificate, or a job or job offer in New Zealand paying at least 1.5 times the median wage can earn 3 points. An additional 3 points can be acquired for three years of skilled work experience in New Zealand.

Are you aspiring to work and eventually settle in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand? Green list Occupations are a list of highly skilled roles in New Zealand that have labour shortages and are hard to fill by the citizens of the country. These job roles provide an easy and clear pathway to residency for migrants. Eligible individuals can either apply for straight to residency roles or work to residency roles depending upon their qualifications and experience.These visas are tailored for individuals who are currently employed by, or have a compelling job offer from, an ‘Accredited New Zealand’ employer

1. Straight to Residency
You are employed by, or hold an employment offer from, an accredited employer for a Tier 1 of the Green List Occupation.
2. Work to Residence
You are employed by, or hold an employment offer from, an accredited employer for a Tier 2 of the Green List Occupation.

General Eligibility Criteria for these visa categories:
• Employment by an Accredited Employer: You should be currently employed by an accredited New Zealand employer or possess a bona fide job offer from such an employer.
• Green List Compliance: For a continuous period of 24 months preceding your residence application, you must have met all the stipulated requirements outlined in the Green List corresponding to your occupation.
• Age Requirement: To qualify for this visa, you should be aged 55 or younger at the time of application.
• Language Proficiency: A good command of the English language is imperative. You should be able to speak and understand English fluently.

Benefits of New Zealand visas from Green List Courses
• Live, Work, and Study: The Work to Residence Visa opens doors for you to live, work, and pursue further studies in the vibrant setting of New Zealand.
• Indefinite Stay: Meeting the visa conditions allows you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely, providing you with a stable and secure future in this beautiful country.
• Family Inclusion: Your spouse or partner, as well as dependent children aged 24 or younger, can be included in your residence application. They too can apply for various visas based on their study, work, or visitation requirements.

In conclusion, Green List Careers are your bridge to a prosperous life in New Zealand, offering both rewarding career and lifestyle opportunities. If you fulfil the criteria and aspire to embark on this remarkable journey, our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers are here to guide you every step of the way.

Immigration New Zealand offers different kinds of work visa options for partners who are looking to join their spouse in New Zealand. These options are categorized into three distinct pathways:

Partner of a Student Work Visa:
If your partner holds a student visa and they can support your application you have the opportunity to join them in New Zealand for work, with the duration of your stay the same as theirs. This avenue is open to those whose partners are pursuing an eligible level 7, 8, 9 or 10 qualification, in any of the New Zealand institutions.

Partner of a Worker Work Visa:
If your partner possesses a work visa with a validity exceeding 6 months and is ready to support your application, you may be granted a corresponding work visa. With a work visa, you can often facilitate various visas for your partner and dependent children, such as
• a work visa for your partner,
• visitor visas for your partner or children,
• student visas for your children.

However, these possibilities are contingent upon specific conditions and the specific type of work visa you hold.

Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa:
If your partner is a New Zealand citizen or resident, you join your spouse in New Zealand for work and eventually settle there. Depending on the duration of the relationship with your partner, you can stay in New Zealand for either 2 years (if you've been living together for over 12 months) or 1 year (if you lived together for less than 12 months).

New Zealand is a hub of amazing work opportunities for migrants coming here from all over the world. But getting a work visa can be a difficult and confusing process for those who want to work in the Kiwi country. Our experts are here to simplify that process!

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